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View Page Source by TopGazduire can help you see the HTML code of any site or web page If you want to learn about HTML codes, this tool can help you out because it can give you an idea of how a website is structured and scripted. With this free online tool, you can easily and quickly see the HTML code of a particular web page by simply entering the URL The source code in the generated results will be highlighted in 3 different colors: Blue highlight - to identify HTML tags Red highlight - to identify parameter Green highlight - to identify value This free page snooper is beneficial for webmasters and website owners as well as SEO professionals in identifying the errors on their website's HTML code. This tool for page source will help you identify the HTML code of any website that you check or to view the source code of any web page. The source code is highlighted in three colors to help you determine the HTML tag from parameter and value. This tool will highlight HTML tag in blue, the parameter in red, and value in green.